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So this year, Tamamori Yuta will be playing the champs. Last year it was played by Koki. They really should have made Nakamaru plays the champs.*refering to the MC part in BTR con dvd

Dreamboys come again this year.I can’t imagine how hectic Kame’s schedule with his movies, news, radio, and these stageplays, plus of course a few other things along the way.
But, yay! for him, and for us.We get to see more of him:)


KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya will have his first solo movie due for released in Spring next year. The movie will be called “It’s me, It’s me” (Ore, Ore). It is based from Tomoyuki Hoshino’s bestselling novel of the same title.

Kamenashi will play a scam artist, who will do the “ore-ore scam”, by calling an older person, pretends to be a relative, and tries to con money from that person. However, as Kamenashi goes on pretending to be someone else, he found himself being pulled into the life of the person he pretends to be, while someone else tries to take his own identity from him.

The story explores the meaning of identity in our today’s society, Kamenashi is expected to assume 25 different characters with no regard in age or gender.

“It’s me, It’s me” will be released on Spring 2013.

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